AlliA to join forces with insurance broker VHS

VHS Insurances has its headquarters in Zonhoven, with 3 additional sites spread across Limburg, and has been in existence for over 20 years.  VHS realizes a yearly premium turnover of 50 million Euro and counts 50 employees.  


VHS Insurances is the leading broker for business insurance in Limburg.  Their clients can be found in both the SME-segment and large companies, over the last couple of years it made several targeted acquisitions which further attributed to their considerable growth on both the SME and large companies market.  


During the past year, 2017, the family shareholders carried out a strategic review. For both Chris Schruers and Marc Maas, Managing Directors of VHS Insurances, the conclusion was clear: “continued specialization and upscaling is key”.  Both family shareholders were of the opinion this can be best achieved by joining a larger group, in a joint statement the Managing Directors commented “More than ever we are convinced this is the right way”.


VHS Insurances and AlliA certainly are no strangers to each other.  There have been continued contacts between both, and there are a lot of parallels to be found between them.  


Not only do they share a market and products, but they have a common management philosophy and corporate culture.  Both allow their collaborators to build their expertise and become the best professionals in their respective fields. 


Both VHS Insurances and AlliA offer a broad scope of insurance products: Property, Casualty, Workers compensation, Marine and Cargo, Employee Benefits, Motor & Fleet, Financial risk, Cyber, Trade Credit, …


Over the last couple of years AlliA  has known considerable continued growth.  AlliA was one of the first Insurance Brokers to focus on the Corporate market, which has allowed AlliA to scale-up to Belgium’s second largest independent insurance broker.  


According to Joseph Lebon, CEO AlliA, at the core of this success is the rigorous focus AlliA stands for: “We stand for our independence.  A brokers needs to be able to objectively asses a client’s risks and offer an suitable insurance solutions for these risks.  This can best be done when you can combine both buying power and technical expertise.  This is what AlliA stands for.”


In a world that is becoming more and more complex, insurance brokers that focus on specific market niches are able to provide high added value to their clients.  It is the market of choice for an independent broker.   Key to developing this added value is to have sufficient size to allow for further scaling up.  This is also the reason why AlliA and VHS are such a good match.  Through this acquisition AlliA can continue to build its expertise to provide the best possible solutions to its clients.


Through the AlliA-offices in Luxembourg, VHS Insurances clients will also have access to the specialized knowledge Professional Liability for professional federations and Financial Lines.  


Through their shareholder ship of Assurex Global – the world’s largest network of independent insurance brokers – AlliA can support and service clients over the whole world.  AlliA is furthermore the exclusive partner for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Democratic Republic of Congo for Arthur J. Gallagher (3th largest broker worldwide), Groupe Verspieren (2nd largest independent broker in France) and Funk Gruppe (largest independent broker in Germany).  Joseph Lebon: “Our network is an extraordinary tool to accompany our clients with their international expansion.  It is the true meaning of the saying “Think global, Act local”


Through this acquisition AlliA increases its premium turnover by 25 %, which allows AlliA to further building and increasing its expertise.


The newly formed group can show the following figures for 2018


- Premium turnover: in excess of 270 Million EUR - +/- 180 employees - Commission and Fee income: in excess of 25 Million EUR - EBITDA: in excess of 7 Million EUR - Offices in Roeselare, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt Liège, Overpelt, Sint Truiden, Zonhoven, Luxembourg, Kinshasa and Lubumbashi


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    AlliA, Belgium’s second largest independent insurance broker, acquires Insurance Broker Group VHS (hereafter VHS Insurances) in Zonhoven (Limburg), Belgium.  This acquisition allows AlliA to considerably strengthen its position on the corporate market, while at the same time reinforcing the existing workforce with 50 employees.


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